Latino Festivals in Calgary Sure to Elate Everyone

Going to spicy, latino festivals is a great way for you and your family to enjoy spending time together in Calgary. During the summer, there are many different fiestas that families and friends will surely enjoy. Some of these events include multicultural appreciation while others are more focused upon hispanic culture. Either way, these festivals are designed to be fun as well as help others learn about the unique diversity that every culture brings to each other.

Festivals in July

July is a month where there are a lot of different festivals. One special event is the Sun and Salsa Festival that is on July 21. This festival is in Kensington, Calgary and will have latin music, dancing, and food. There is even a salsa tasting contest that visitors can participate in. Entrance is free, and for salsa tasting, chips can be bought at $3 for 1 bag or $5 for 2 bags and water is $2. Seven event stages will be present and a children’s carnival will keep the kids entertained.

Fiestaval is planned for July 20 and 21. It is a two-day festival free to join. Its purpose is to honor multicultural heritage. It will be in Calgary Olympic Park Plaza and is oriented to be family friendly. Fiestaval shows that latinos and latinas can be proud of their heritage in Calgary and can share it with others from different cultures as well.

Festivals in August

August is showing to be a promising month for latino festivals in Calgary. Expo Latino is planned from August 23 through the 25th at Prince’s Island Park. This fiesta has the goal to share latin music, dance, food, and art with others to enjoy. Each different Latin heritage will display how they are unique within the whole of the latino community.

The latino culture is large in Calgary. There are many different festivals throughout July and August that are promoting these different heritages for everyone to enjoy. These celebrations encourage people to bring their families to enjoy music, dancing, food, and arts. These fiestas and events help honor latino cultures by describing their own unique histories, arts, and cuisines.