Latin Dancing Hot Spots in Calgary Offer Multiple Health Benefits

Que Pasa Calgary! Did you know that certain forms of Latin dancing, like salsa and bachata, can burn more than 300 calories every 60 minutes? Si, it’s true. If that won’t help your waistline recover after eating all of those rellenos de papas, I don’t know what will. It isn’t the only reason to hop onto one of Calgary’s dance floors either. Here are a few more:

Range of Motion

When it comes to Latin dancing, one thing is for certain. Your body is going to have to move. After all, who can resist those seductive beats? In the process, you’ll be working muscles that you may not use all that often. These include your obliques, dorsals, deltoids, femorals and gastrocnemius. Over time, such activities will undoubtedly tone up those areas of your body and increase their range of motion.

Cardiac Function

Still need another reason to go dancing in Calgary? Consider this. You can blame it on the Son Cubano, the dance moves or that oh so adorable dance partner of yours, it doesn’t matter. Either way, Latin dancing will get your heart pumping too. For proof, you can read studies that have been conducted on the topic or get yourself onto Calgary’s dance floors and conduct your own experiments.

Brains and Balance

Speaking of studies, they have also shown that Latin dancing can improve a person’s cognition and balance related issues. This is especially the case with salsa and aged individuals. The most recent study results to bolster that assertion were published in the Journal of Geriatric Physical Therapy’s April-June 2013 issue. They indicated that 24 salsa dancing classes could improve an octogenarian’s overall health in multiple categories.

Social Networking

Want yet another reason? Never fear, we’ve got one more. Ever hear about the benefits of social networking? No, we are not talking about tweets, Facebook posts and Skype. We’re talking about meeting people face-to-face in a club or dance studio in Calgary. It offers a chance to relax, laugh, have fun and interact with others in a way that deserves its due.

So are you ready to put your dancing shoes on and visit Calgary’s hot spots yet? If so, stop by the QPasa Calgary website. We’ve got the scoop on all of the best dancing spots and dance studios in the area. Nos vemos en la pista de baile!