Great Resources for Small Businesses in Calgary

Did you know that small businesses constitute approximately 95% of Calgary’s business sector? According to the Calgary Economic Development Office’s figures, it’s true. Perhaps part of the reason why small businesses seem to thrive in Calgary are all of the resources available to aspiring entrepreneurs. With that said, here’s a look at a small sampling of them:

Financial Resources for Small Businesses

When it comes to financial resources for small businesses, Calgary has quite a few options to choose from. One of them is the Small Business Accounting Professionals (SBAP). They offer a wide assortment of customized office and accounting services designed to keep Calgary’s small businesses thriving. Such services include assistance with payroll, tax preparation and computerized bookkeeping set-up. The other great aspect of doing business with the SBAP is that they have a working relationship with another one of Calgary’s best resources for small businesses, the SBLC.

Legal Resources for Small Businesses

The Small Business Legal Centre (SBLC) is more than capable of assisting Calgary’s professionals with business advisory and legal services. Their services run the gamut and include assistance with buying or selling a small business. In addition, their fixed fee structures for such invaluable legal services are quite affordable.

Networking Resources for Small Businesses

An abundance of networking opportunities is another aspect of Calgary’s small business environment worth talking about. There are several associations in the area that hold networking events and business expos throughout the year. Ones that small business owners may want to consider looking into are the Canada-Mexico Chamber of Business, the Business Link, the National Women in Business Expo and the Calgary Chamber.

Marketing & Media Resources for Small Businesses

Of course small businesses need more than financial, legal and networking resources to thrive in Calgary. They also need quality marketing and media resources. That’s where QPasa Media can help. We provide a suite of services to Calgary’s business community. Those services include web design, graphics work, video production, photography and advertising opportunities. One of those advertising opportunities is our online directory.

To learn more about these and other resources for small businesses in Calgary, contact us. We may be reached through the QPasa Calgary website and Facebook page.