From a Calgary Citizen

What a whirlwind 30 + hours in Calgary and other parts of Alberta. I feel extremely blessed to be safe, warm and have electricity in our home.
It is so humbling to be able to open up our home to others when they are told late at night to leave/evacuate their homes. To make them feel at home, and hopefully ease some of their anxiety – (including 2 dogs, sorry the cats couldn’t stay here due to allergies). What fun we have had the past the 2 nights, enjoying Family Sleepovers.
Over this time we had the ways and means and trekked “to and fro” checking out the amazing, and destructive results of water.
Opportunities to capture the moments on camera, and sharing with others near and far. This also was an opportunity to bring people together – sharing photos on social media sites, running into friends along the water ways, or chatting with people we’d never met, standing in awe together.
I am prayerful that in the next short bit, those affected personally, can return to their semblance of “normal” life. But hopefully our “normal” will be a better normal.
As we go back to regular life in the next short bit, wouldn’t it be great if everyone did a random act of kindness, or served someone else or doing something to pay it forward. Being of the nature that I don’t ask for help easily – I am committed to asking to help others and continue to work on this helping part of my life.

I still can’t believe all of this has taken place in our own backyard and not just on TV.
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