Experience the Passion & Energy of Salsa Dancing in Calgary

Salsa dancing is well-known for its dramatic costumes and passionate movement. The dances could more accurately be called performances as they tell elaborate stories of love and life. Salsa dancing is compatible with a wide variety of other dances including disco, west coast swing and rumba which make professional performances exhilarating to watch. Salsa is a worldwide phenomenon with the beats of the music containing elements of New Orleans jazz and echoes of the drum circles in West Africa.

Salsa dancing originated in Cuba in the 1920’s and, to this day, salsa ballroom competitions and dances are popular events in the Caribbean – they’ve also grown in popularity around the world, extending to Europe the United States and Canada by the 1950’s.

Salsa dancing is defined by intricate, precise footwork and up-tempo rhythms. It’s a partner dance that can be performed with different footwork, lifts and rhythm patterns. Various types of salsa are known by the country or city of their origination; such as Cuban, Miami, Los Angeles or New York style salsa.

Ball room dance lessons are an exciting, rhythmic pastime that are guaranteed to provide you with a great time! If you’re in the mood for a little Latin flair then you owe it to yourself to take a ballroom salsa dance lesson. The passion and energy of Latin dance will inspire and challenge you.

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