Entertainment and Promotion in Calgary: Resources for Standing Out

It’s no secret that Calgary is a young, hip, diverse area full of amazing forms of entertainment. So much so, that it can be challenging to have one’s event standout above the rest. The good news is that there are ways savvy Latinos can draw attention to their concerts, festivals and other special events. Here’s a look at how:

Based on data published by the Calgary Economic Development Office, broadband internet connectivity is accessible and well used by the city’s thriving communities. Combine that with marketing research and it will become clear that promoting one’s special events online makes good sense.

Of course there are several methods that may be used to construct an online entertainment and promotion campaign in Calgary. One of them is to list one’s event details on popular websites like QPasa Calgary. QPasa Calgary offers event planners an opportunity to place news about their events in front of Calgary’s thriving Latino communities in a variety of ways.

To begin with, there is an entire page devoted to events listings. It is an ideal place to display posters promoting festivals, concerts and more. There is also an entertainment section that offers Calgary’s event goers access to music, videos and breaking entertainment news. Other sections of the website that entertainment and promotion minded individuals may want to take advantage of are the classifieds, business directory and contests.

Another option that may be of interest to entertainment and promotion minded Calgary residents is the services of QPasa Media. QPasa Media can help Calgary’s entertainment community create event specific websites, promotional videos, MTV interviews, sales collateral and a portfolio of promotional photos. Those services, especially when combined with the exposure offered by the QPasa Calgary website, would make a powerful event marketing campaign.

To discuss these entertainment and promotion opportunities further, stop by the QPasa Calgary website or Facebook page. We’d be more than happy to put the full force of our promotional expertise to work for you.