El Salvador in Focus: A Glimpse at the Country’s Culture

Que Pasa Calgary! When one thinks of El Salvador and its multifaceted culture, vibrant and proud are just two of the words that immediately come to mind. With that said, let’s take a glimpse at some of what makes El Salvador so special:


El Salvador’s history goes back for centuries. Some of its first inhabitants were the Pipl Indians. They were later joined by the Spaniards in the 1500s, who took over the country until the early 1800s. In the fall of 1823, the El Salvadorians celebrated their first Independence Day.

Food & Festivals

Speaking of which, El Salvadorians are renowned for their joyous festivals and delicious foods. The two just seem to go hand in hand. Corn is a central ingredient in many of the country’s traditional dishes, including pupusas and atol shuco. Seafood, plantains, yucca, beans and palm flowers are often used in El Salvadorian’s culinary creations as well.

Interesting festivals of note include the San Miguel Carnival, the Panchimalco Flower Festival and the ultra spirited Bolas de Fuego. The later involves hurling flaming objects into the streets of Nejapa. It is said to represent the forces of evil and good clashing with one another.

Music and Dance

Of course not all of the festivals in El Salvador are so fiery. Some involve inspiring music, dance and costumes. Music that you are likely to hear spilling into the streets of El Salvador are cumbia, salsa and Reggaeton. Dances include salsas, the Dance of Chapetones and the Dance of the Tiger. Costumes vary based on the traditional dance taking place. However, many often include the use of shawls, scapulars, sandals and hats.

Places to See

When it comes to El Salvador’s best places to visit, one has to take a moment to mention the country’s stunning landscape, flora and fauna. There are many places where visitors can revel in it. Among them are Lake Coatepeque, El Imposible National Park, the Ruta de las Flores, Los Planes Lookout Point and the La Laguna Botanical Gardens. In addition, the country is home to intriguing archaeological sites like the Joya de Ceren and Tazumal.

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