Calling All Local Music Artists and DJs: Let Us Interview You!

Here at QPasa, we work hard to promote a large range of music genres and events; including, but not limited to, cumbia, merengue, bachata, and many more. While we strive to give voice to our ever-growing culture here in Calgary, we also actively advocate diversity within our community. From Costa Rican to Chilean backgrounds, our goal is to get the entirety of the talent of the Latino community heard!

We strive to keep the readers up-to-date on local happenings, provided by music artists and DJs just like you. Letting us interview you would extend to you that means to be heard, by our growing reach of an audience. 

We would like to provide the people of the city with an in-depth look at the personalities behind the talent; getting a bit closer to the audience than just attending a show would. Additionally, this would allow us to give you access to post your upcoming performances on our Events page, for the ease of the public to find and follow your shows!

Even if you aren’t from Calgary, but still seek to strengthen your online entertainment campaign, we’d love to hear from you! We always welcome interviews promoting Latino performers and artists. We make it a goal of ours to heighten our culture’s entertainment savvy here in the city. Introducing Calgary locals to other actors and singers from outside the city would definitely pique their interest.

Put our expertise to work, and let us help you locally promote by submitting your talent to QPasa! Contact us here on our website, or our Facebook page, to set up a meeting for your interview today; we want to hear from you!