A Quick Look at Some of Calgary’s Immigration Resources

The City of Calgary is one of the most immigration friendly places in Canada. So friendly in fact, that the area’s immigrant population is expected to expand tremendously by 2020. With that said, here’s a quick look at some of the area’s immigration focused resources:

Adventus Canada Corp.

One resource that new residents may find helpful is Adventus Canada Corp. It is a well-respected, immigration and international recruitment organization. They offer assistance with temporary work visas, student visas, permanent residency, entrepreneurial training and much more. Those interested in contacting the corporation should check out their listing on the QPasa Calgary website.

Welcome Centre for New Immigrants

The Welcome Centre for New Immigrants is another beneficial resource available to Calgary’s residents. It is a non-profit organization located on 3820 – 32nd Street, NE in Calgary. The organization focuses on helping new arrivals by providing job training, child care and educational opportunities. Some of the services are provided free of charge.

Assorted Associations

Immigrants looking to join an association will undoubtedly be pleased with Calgary’s offerings as well. At present, there are multiple associations operating in the area. Among them are the Argentinean Canadian Association, the Association Cultural Peruana and the Venezuelan Canadian Association.

As we mentioned before, those are just a few of the area’s immigration resources. To learn more about Calgary’s warm and welcoming immigrant communities, visit the QPasa Calgary website. We offer access to the area’s news, entertainment, dining establishments and more. Speaking of news, stay tuned to our site for notice of upcoming Q&A Sessions with Calgary’s finest!