10 Signs You’re a Latina Mom

Being a mami is no easy task, but we Latinas have somehow managed to make it through unscathed, and we have several creative methods to thank for that. (That we learned from our moms!). While you might have considered them loca when you were growing up, you’ve learned that sometimes, they’re the best ways. Here are 10 signs you’re a Latina mom:

1. Our mom instilled the importance of looking good, and that’s not changing anytime soon. We don’t do “soccer mom” haircuts. Even if we do drive our kids to futbol. (GOOOAL!)

2. Are you angry? Your kids will know it as soon as you say their entire name in Spanish. (Maria Cristina Martinez Perez!) Are you REALLY angry? You might even throw in some words you shouldn’t say, but you have secretly stashed.

3. Niños don’t want to finish their meals? Not in your casa. You make sure to constantly remind them that there are starving children in Latin America that would be more than happy to eat what’s on their plate.

4. You’re full of contradictions, especially when it comes to feeding your family. You’ve mastered the art of confusion by having the ability to tell your child: “Estas gordita, but wait, you haven’t finished your dinner.”

5. You believe in threatening them with the infamous chancletazo, because yeah, it gets them to do whatever you want. Hey, it’s more the threat that gets them going. (Though they know you’re totally okay with actually using it.)

6. Your daughter asks you if she can go to her best friend’s sleepover, your response? “Que?! Estas loca? You can’t stay over anyone else’s house! You have a bed right in your room. Use it!”

7. Somehow, in your mind, it’s always chilly enough out for a sweater. So you layer your child up with enough that he stars to share with the entire class.

8. Sana, sana culito de rana and Vicks VaporRub (or as it might be known in your house: VivaPoru) are part of your nurse’s kit to make them feel all better. You even have a ritual to how you apply the rub–hey, it’s a cure-all only if you do it YOUR way.

9. Cuando tu iba, yo venia (As you were going, I was on my way back) is your favorite catchphrase. Better known as, don’t even think you’re going to fool me with this little lie you’re about to tell. So don’t even try.

10. Your daughter is starting to date, but since you know what’s best, you start scouring around for her potential esposo and even go as far as setting her up on a blind date. Who doesn’t know her better than you?!